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Jordan’s First Female Mechanic Opens Women-Only Garage

Balqees Bani Hani is the first woman to run a garage in Jordan. Her mechanic shop in Irbid only repairs other women’s cars and now she wants to expand and train more women to help her in her shop.

Written by Elspeth Dehnert Published on Read time Approx. 0 minutes

IRBID, Jordan – Balqees Bani Hani is blazing a trail in the male-dominated world of car mechanics. She has opened the first women-only garage in Jordan, which she hopes will allow women to feel safer and more confident when having their cars repaired.

Bani Hani had to overcome several obstacles to fulfill her dream. But today her business is going so well she plans to expand, and wants to train more female mechanics to work alongside her in her shop in Irbid.








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