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At an Indian Cafe, Acid Attack Survivors Find Solace and Pride

At Sheroes Cafe in India, the staff are all women who have survived acid attacks. Once confined to their homes, the women now refuse to let their physical scars stop them from living their lives.

Written by Suparna Gangal Published on Read time Approx. 0 minutes

AGRA, India – The chefs and waitresses at the Sheroes Cafe in Agra, India, all have something in common: They have survived acid attacks. Human rights groups say there are around 1,000 acid attacks a year in India, the vast majority targeting women. Many of the women working at Sheroes used to stay home and cover their faces when they were in public. When the cafe opened in 2014, the women were subjected to judgment and even insults from people passing by. But now the cafe does a bustling trade as the women cook and serve meals to tourists and Indian families alike, hoping to inspire other survivors to live their lives to the fullest.

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