Choice and Change

Video: Inside One of India’s Mass Sterilization Camps

In the final video in our series “Choice and Change,” we follow a young Indian mother as she undergoes sterilization surgery in a state-sponsored clinic. The procedure is free so, for many women in the country, it’s the only contraception they can afford.

Written by Sreya Banerjee and Olivier Le Hellard Published on Read time Approx. 0 minutes

In many parts of rural India, female sterilization (also known as tubal ligation) is often the only kind of free family planning available. More than 75 percent of sterilized women in India have not used any other method of birth control before undergoing this operation, according to India’s most recent national health survey. The surgeries are performed at mass government-sponsored camps, often in unsafe conditions, with more than 350 women in India dying since 2010 due to surgical complications. In this video, we follow young mother-of-three Lakshmi Vishwakarma as she undergoes a sterilization operation 500 miles (800km) east of New Delhi.

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