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Choice and Change

Video: The Doctor Who Wants Kenyan Men to Learn to Love Vasectomies

As part of our “Choice and Change” series, we meet Dr. Charles Ochieng, who is on a mission to encourage more Kenyan men to have vasectomies and take an active role in family planning. And often that means busting myths about exploding testicles and frozen sperm.

Written by William Davies Published on Read time Approx. 0 minutes

Dr. Charles Ochieng wants to see Kenyan men take more responsibility for family planning. At his small clinic in downtown Nairobi, he has performed hundreds of vasectomies and wants to encourage more men to undergo the procedure. But first that means dispelling the extraordinary myths that many men in Kenya believe about what happens once you’ve had a vasectomy. On November 18, Ochieng, founder of the Winam Safe Parenthood Initiative (WISPIVAS) health practice, will take a leading role in World Vasectomy Day as he continues his mission to educate Kenyans about the benefits of getting the snip.

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