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Choice and Change

Video: Tuk Tuks and Two Tents Bring Health Services to Uganda’s Slums

Our video series “Choice and Change” continues with a look at an innovative way to get family planning services to the women in Uganda’s overcrowded slums: tuk tuks loaded with sexual health supplies.

Written by William Davies Published on Read time Approx. 1 minutes

Uganda has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in Africa, but a unique mobile health clinic is helping to reduce the rates of conception. Marie Stopes’ tuk tuks can go where other vehicles can’t by reaching deep into the slums of Kampala and Entebbe. The women in those areas have little to no access to health clinics. On arrival, the tuk tuks transform into private counseling rooms, while the tents they transport are turned into health clinics, offering short- and long-term contraceptives to women who would otherwise have no choice over their family planning.

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