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Weather Update: Dry Conditions Ahead

Despite the influence of the El Niño weather phenomenon, California can expect below-normal rainfall over the next two weeks.

Written by Matt Weiser Published on Read time Approx. 1 minutes
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A new long-range forecast released Monday by the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center indicates California can expect to see a deficit of rainfall over the next two weeks.

Over most of the state, there is a 33 percent probability of below-normal rainfall through Nov. 9. In a smaller area concentrated around the North Coast, the probability increases to 40 percent.

Californians can also expect temperatures to be above normal in the same timeframe. In fact, all of the US (except Oregon and Washington) can also anticipate above-normal temperatures.

The warmer temperatures are undoubtedly influenced by the strong El Niño, which helped boost the huge hurricane that passed over Mexico and is now drenching Texas.

El Niño is still expected to bring above-average rainfall to much of California, although the timing is uncertain. Longer-range forecasts indicate above-average rainfall is likely in the southern half of California through January. This forecast, however, is now a week old and will not be updated until Nov. 19.

Top image: A new forecast released Oct. 26 by the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center suggests most of California will be drier than normal for the next two weeks, despite the influence of the El Niño weather phenomenon. The darker brown area around California’s North Coast indicates a 40 percent chance for below-normal rainfall, while the lighter brown covering the rest of the state indicates a 33 percent chance. (National Weather Service)

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