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Water Deeply is designed to help you understand the complex web of environmental, social and economic issues related to water in California. Our editors and expert contributors are working around the clock to bring you greater clarity and comprehensive coverage of the state's water issues.

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More than a dozen fires erupted late Sunday and spread quickly through Northern California communities. On Wednesday, Cal Fire reported battling 22 large wildfires that had burned 170,000 acres, with hundreds of people still listed as missing and more than 20 lives lost, 11 of those a result of the Tubbs fire.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s delta tunnels plan got a boost on Tuesday after Metropolitan Water District, the state’s biggest water agency and southern California wholesaler, voted to commit $4.3 billion to the $17.1 billion project.

Cadiz efforts to sell rural groundwater from the Mojave Desert to Southern California cities hit another bump in a long road of seeking approval of the project.

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