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Anna Magdalena Rüsch Associate Refugee Status Determination (RSD) Officer, UNHCR

Anna Magdalena Rusch, LLM, is an associate refugee status determination (RSD) officer for UNHCR, currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. She holds a Magister in Law from the University of Vienna as well as an LLM in international human rights and humanitarian law from the University of Essex. She was part of the Essex team for the 2013 closed symposium led by UNHCR on the exclusion guidelines. In 2014–15, she was coauthor with Professor Geoff Gilbert of a report to UNHCR entitled Rule of Law: Engagement for Solutions. She was invited by UNHCR’s Division of International Protection to contribute to the drafting of the 2015 Note on International Protection by the High Commissioner to the General Assembly. She has published in the areas of international refugee law and international criminal law.

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