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Syria Deeply is designed to provide you with a complete understanding of the Syrian conflict from all angles, including all the major players, issues and drivers of the civil war. Our editors and expert contributors are working around-the-clock to bring you comprehensive coverage and more clarity about the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

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Gain a deeper understanding of the war in Syria, including the major stakeholders, humanitarian players and militant groups involved in the current war and the country’s future.

The Opposition

In response to a brutal government crackdown on peaceful protests in 2011, defectors from Assad’s army and regular civilians took up arms to fight back. Today, there hundreds of distinct armed factions fighting across the country. Secular groups have been sidelines by increasingly hardline Islamist factions, coalitions have come and gone, all while foreign funding an agendas have worked to shape narratives of their own. Click here to understand the broader trajectory of the political and armed opposition in Syria.

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