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How To Help In Syria

As the Syrian conflict enters its sixth year, millions of Syrians are in critical need of medical aid, food, water, shelter and fuel. Here are some organizations that the international community can help as they respond to the Syrian crisis.

Written by Alessandria Masi Published on Read time Approx. 1 minutes
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A Syrian man rides a motorcycle passing by a damaged building that was destroyed by airstrikes in Aleppo, Syria. Aleppo Media Center via AP

Syria Civil Defense

Also known as the White Helmets, the Syria Civil Defense is a group of nearly 3,000 volunteer search and rescue workers who perform first aid, restoration of public services and educate children on how to stay safe.



The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) provides medical aid to facilities inside Syria. They operate 106 medical facilities in the country.


Save The Children

Some 7.5 million Syrian children have been affected by the conflict. Save The Children has responded to over 1 million internally displaced children within the country and the organization also operates in several refugee camps in Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey.

Karam Foundation

The Karam Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on sustainable solutions for the future in Syria. It is accepting donations for a campaign to provide urgent emergency assistance to Syrians in dire circumstances in Aleppo.



The International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance (INARA) provides life-saving or life-altering medical care for children inside Syria. The total amount of every donation goes to helping a child in need and as little as $15 funds the medical costs for one child for up to a week.


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