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Refugees Deeply is designed to help you understand the complex web of geopolitical, human rights, environmental, legal and other factors combining to make the refugee issue one of the most challenging of our lifetimes. Our editors and expert contributors are working around the clock to bring you greater clarity and comprehensive coverage.

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Latest Summary

Poland’s prime minister has linked a London terror attack with Europe’s refugee resettlement program. Beata Szydlo said it was “impossible not to connect them.”

The U.S. will move ahead with setting up “interim zones of stability” for refugees from conflicts in Syria and Iraq. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the safe zones would also be used to return refugees.

Australia has turned down 500 Syrian refugees during vetting for its resettlement program since 2015. Some 10,000 Syrians and Iraqis have moved to Australia under the program, with another 2,000 to follow.

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