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Peacebuilding Deeply is an independent news and information platform covering global peace and security. Our reporters and editors provide a mix of investigative and data-driven journalism, on-the-ground reporting, clear and compelling visuals and high-level events. We want to answer the question: how do you put a country back together? Our editors and experts are working to bring you greater understanding through comprehensive coverage of this critical issue.

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Ethiopia’s government agreed to end hostilities with the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) on Tuesday, one month after parliament dropped the group from a list of banned terrorist organizations, Reuters reported.

The Colombian president on Tuesday vowed to “make corrections” to the peace accord that ended a decades-long conflict with leftist rebels, the Associated Press reported.

Trump administration plans for a deal to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are foundering amid Arab officials’ concerns that the agreement would be biased in favor of Israel, the Financial Times reported on August 6.

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