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Peacebuilding Deeply is an independent news and information platform covering global peace and security. Our reporters and editors provide a mix of investigative and data-driven journalism, on-the-ground reporting, clear and compelling visuals and high-level events. We want to answer the question: how do you put a country back together? Our editors and experts are working to bring you greater understanding through comprehensive coverage of this critical issue.

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The Taliban on Sunday refused to extend a three-day nationwide cease-fire in Afghanistan, despite Afghan president Ashraf Ghani unilaterally announcing a nine-day extension of the truce, the Guardian reported.

Colombia on Sunday elected as its new president Ivan Duque, a right-wing politician who is critical of the country’s historic peace accord, NPR reported.

India on Sunday announced that it will resume military operations against rebels in the disputed region of Kashmir, after the end of a one-month-long Ramadan cease-fire, Al Jazeera reported.

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