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The decades-long battle over whether to allow oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is about to resume, thanks to U.S. President Donald Trump’s federal budget, which proposes oil leases in the area.

Alaska’s Republican federal lawmakers have cheered on plans to allow oil drilling in ANWR, but they’re much less happy about the federal budget’s proposed program cuts. As we reported this week, that includes axing Alaska’s Sea Grant program, which provides support to coastal Alaskan communities for everything from the whale-watching economy to providing quality assurance for seal oil products.

Recent reports of melting permafrost causing Svalbard’s “doomsday” seed vault to flood are, it turns out, exaggerated. This climb-down has provoked some cheeky online responses compiled by Arctic Journal, with one observing that initial headlines did sound better than “Climate Change Causes Puddle of Water to Form in Vault Lobby. Man Slips, is Unharmed. Puddle Mopped Up.”

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