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The dramatic disappearance of a river that once flowed from one of the Canada’s biggest glaciers is being described by researchers as a case of “river piracy.” That’s when one river diverts the flow of another, as happened with Yukon’s Kaskawulsh Glacier over the span of just a few months in 2016.

Russia touted this week the opening of its newest Arctic military base by offering an online tour. Dubbed the Arctic Trefoil for its three-pronged shape, the facility, located on the Franz Josef Land archipelago, is big enough to house 150 staff unsupported for 18 months.

Satellite photos of one of Greenland’s biggest glaciers show an unexpected new crack that researchers worry may help trigger a massive break over the next few years. That’s significant, as the Petermann Glacier holds enough ice to raise global sea levels by about .3 meters (1ft).

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