News Deeply is an award-winning new media company dedicated to covering the world’s most important and underreported stories. Our journalists and technologists build in-depth digital platforms that serve as a hub of news, information and analysis. By fusing rigorous reporting and cutting-edge information design, we make a complex world easier for our readers to understand. 

At News Deeply, we’ve pioneered a model we call “Impact Publishing” – a combination of high-quality content and proactive community management. Our platforms unite an audience of policymakers and domain specialists, connecting those who are most intimately involved in the topic at hand. Through interactive dialogues, virtual events and live convenings, we advance the conversation, leading to a more engaged public and better-informed policy decisions. 

We believe that even the toughest issues can be made accessible in a clear and compelling format. In a crowded and complicated world, our platforms separate the signal from the noise, surfacing vital information and key trends on issues that matter, deeply, to the state of our world today. 


Our Platforms 

Beginning with Syria Deeply, our award-winning platforms have been hailed as the "Future of Journalism" by TIME Magazine. Visit them below, or learn more here.


Syria Deeply

News and analysis about the war in Syria.

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News and analysis about the Arctic.

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News and analysis about the Ebola crisis.
(Ebola Deeply was archived in January 2016.)

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News and analysis about the California drought.

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Partner With Us

News Deeply has worked with some of the world's top corporate brands, financial institutions, universities and philanthropic entities to enhance their marketing and thought leadership initiatives. With our expertise in storytelling, digital publishing and creative content we help our partners extend their reach and enhance their impact on the issues that matter to them.

We also serve as a convener, bringing together leading experts and key stakeholders around the topics we cover. Our engagements capture cutting-edge insights, trends and emerging risks on the most critical issues of the day.

We partner with clients on projects that include:

• Live Event Programming & Facilitation
• Virtual Event Design & Organization

• Editorial Strategy
• Creative Content Production
• In-Depth Topic Analysis

To learn more about collaborating with News Deeply please contact us at